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2019 NBA Draft Betting Tips – How Should Each Team Look to Get Better?


The talk of the NBA right now is the All-Star break. This past weekend was pretty glorious, as individual performances lighted the league afire and get people talking.

From kickings worn in the NBA All-Star game to highlight-reel dunks, everyone makes social media and helps the most brandable sport in the world grow even bigger.

Of course, as impactful as each specific player can be, few things hit on a large scale like a new champion.

There’s a reason why everyone knows about the Golden State Warriors. Stephen Curry leads a star-studded casting that sets up points in bunches, but they’ve also won three out of the last four NBA Finals.

This is the NBA’s equivalent of the NFL’s New England Patriots, and love or hate them , nobody can get away from the Dubs.

It’s every other NBA franchise’s objective to find a way out from under their darknes, however.

That notion sparks loads of NBA trade rumors and gets the free bureau talk brewing well before the summer hits, but for a lot of squads, it also means constructing through the draft is more important than ever.

The modern-day NBA is greatly swayed by big trades and crazy free agency signings, but teams are still built from the ground up — if done correctly. The smart teams figure out an appropriate mix of offseason moves, but it all starts in the draft.

Heck, it even started there for the Warriors, who originally brought in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green as draft day prospects.

The Los Angeles Lakers are also rumored to be interested in dangling their slew of young prospects for a big fish( Anthony Davis, anyone ?), but they wouldn’t be in that position if they didn’t tank for years and accrue all of those assets.

Other squads that have assured the benefits of crushing the NBA Draft include the Philadelphia 76 ers, Denver Nuggets, and the Boston Celtics. The Milwaukee Bucks, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards, Portland Trail Blazers, and so many others procured their franchise player from — you guessed it — the NBA Draft.

Betting on the 2019 NBA Draft

The yearly draft isn’t just for good teams to patch pits or bad squads to land potential hotshots. It’s also a great spot for athletics bettors to rack up some easy cash.

NBA Draft betting has only recently exploded in the athletics betting world. You have been able to locate a handful of NBA Draft prop wagers here and there over the years, but only in the past 2-3 years have the best NBA betting sites really tapped into this market.

It’s a gradual process, too.

Even with NBA Draft betting very much on the increases, the top NBA Draft sportsbooks tend to slow-play their involvement.

First comes those classic “who will be taken# 1 overall? ” props, and shortly after, you find which players will be taken inside the top three, who will or won’t be drafted inside the gamble, and which prospects will or won’t hear their name called in the first round.

The list of potential 2019 NBA Draft prop gambles figures to be endless. Zion Williamson alone could demand a litany of wagers, while this draft is highly top-heavy.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded with solid talent, but it might entail accurately predicting( and benefiting via betting) how things play out could be easier said than done.

Add in potential draft day trades and, well, forget about it.

Still, there is an opportunity for major fund here, and eventually the NBA Draft props will pour in and allow for you to take a stab at some winnings.

There will be several avenues to secure that cash, but mapping things out is a process. Component of that is mocking the 2019 NBA Draft, gauging what big trades could pop up, and also predicting where the top free agents land this summer.

Within all of that is assessing the major requires every NBA team faces. That isn’t something they all tend to address every single offseason, but it certainly factors in their decision-making.

In the effort to turn over every stone as we try to prepare to crush the NBA Draft bet season, let’s work through each squad and break down their biggest want going into the 2019 NBA Draft.

Every NBA Team’s Most Glaring Hole

The main thing to remember is that while the best NBA teams are building huge moves to inch closer to the NBA Finals, that isn’t a realistic goal for everyone in the league.

Some teams will be forced to take a step back, and even if they don’t, you’re always going to lose people in free bureau, and not taking advantage of the draft articles would be silly.

Every NBA team still has needs to address, and they can go about that in a number of directions. For the most part, bettors can only look to the 2019 NBA Draft and assess how things might shake out based on which positions teams require help at the most.

Here’s a look at all 30 NBA teams and the biggest require they’ll have to take a look at, keeping free agency and current roster matters within mind.

Atlanta Hawks- Small Forward

The Hawks are a team that could easily only opt to add the best available talent. They do seem set at point guard with Trae Young and have another superstar in the making in power forward John Collins.

Atlanta could need some centre help with starting center Dewayne Dedmon about to hit free agency this summer, but that’s an area they’d likely address with a veteran. The Hawks also still have Omari Spellman and Alex Len to turn to, while JC bulking up and shifting to the five spot isn’t that unrealistic.

What the Hawks really require is perimeter shooting. They have a nice core of players who fight hard on a nightly basis, but they simply aren’t efficient( 25 th in three-point percentage) on the outside.

They don’t inevitably need to shake up a somewhat promising starting five. They only need to keep adding viable pieces. If the Hawks stick inside the top five for the 2019 NBA Draft, that could have them looking at a nice bench scorer like Romeo Langford or Jarrett Culver.

Both of these guys know how to score the rock in general and could blossom into stars.

Boston Celtics- Phase Guard

The Celtics are in a tricky place. They don’t know yet if Kyrie Irving is actually staying or if he’ll bolt in free bureau. They also don’t know if this pick will be included in a trade package that nets them a superstar like The Brow.

Everyone knows the Celtics want Anthony Davis, but whether or not they actually come up with him could drastically alter their immediate plans. It could also dictate what Irving plans on doing.

Either way, presuming Boston keeps this picking, bringing in assist at guard makes a lot of sense. Terry Rozier could be gone in restricted free bureau, and the only other guy on the roster who can run the offense is Marcus Smart.

Boston needs to balance the here and now with an eye on the future, which could require them to draft someone like Tre Jones or Shamorie Ponds. They have several picks as matters stand, so nobody is demanding they take a phase guard with their first selection.

At some phase, however, Boston might want to land a young, cheap phase guard to groom for the future.

Brooklyn Nets- Small Forward

The Nets have a slew of veterans coming off the books this summer, but DeMarre Carroll might be the biggest one to track. He’s an aging two-way perimeter asset and doesn’t precisely fit where the Nets are, but he’s still quite useful.

At this phase, I’d be shocked if he’s back in Brooklyn, however.

That could simply give way to the young talent behind him get a crack at an expanded role, but the Nets still have to account for freed-up roster spots. Brooklyn also absence star talent in general, so continuing to add quality players who could blow up into marquee franchise players is a pretty good idea.

The Nets should be in position to land a player of such magnitude near the middle of the first round, where prospects like DeAndre Hunter or Sekou Doumbouya could reside.

Charlotte Hornets- Shooting Guard

The Hornets have some tough decisions to build. Superstar point guard Kemba Walker is either leaving as a free agent this summer, or they’re signing him to a massive extension. Assuming Walker doesn’t get talked out of township, I’ll bet he remains, and the Hornets then need to keep constructing around him.

Charlotte is going to lose some talent one way or another, though. Top shooting guard Jeremy Lamb may price himself out of town as a free agent this summer, while the jury is still out on former first-round pick Malik Monk.

Obviously, if Walker is gone, the Hornets need to rethink the future of the point guard stance on their roster. They’ll have a better shot at replacing Lamb, however, so perhaps spending their first-round pick on someone like Kevin Porter or Coby White could make sense.

White may be the preferred option at this phase, as his scoring and ability to play both guard spots could solve either dilemma.

Chicago Bulls- Center

The Bulls are another squad that largely seems to be defined with tantalizing young pieces at virtually every position. The starting five is seemingly good to go, but Chicago will have some holes to fill on the bench.

Center stands out the most to me, as veteran big man Robin Lopez is set to see his contract expire, and the Bulls simply don’t have much to get excited about on their bench.

Likely picking well inside the lottery, Chicago is probably just going to take the best overall talent that falls into their laps. They’ll also entertain hanging their first-round picking in order to acquire more assets or even land a top-shelf talent.

For now, though, they could look at intriguing center prospects like Bol Bol, Jaxson Hayes, or Bruno Fernando, depending on precisely where they land in the 2019 NBA Draft lottery.

Cleveland Cavaliers- Shooting Guard

The Cavs are a hot mess in just about every regard. They have a ton of talent on their roster, but the majority of it is former busts or unproven commodities.

Kevin Love is one of several ugly contracts tying their funds up, too, but the good news is they can shed some wage in the next couple of years. Their rebuild can’t actually afford to wait for money to clear up, however, so they should look to address key issues within the 2019 NBA Draft.

One major problem for Cleveland is at shooting guard.

J.R. Smith is a walking corpse that needs to be traded, Nik Stauskas likely isn’t staying in town, and David Nwaba isn’t a long-term alternative. With Jordan Clarkson crushing in his bench role, the Cavaliers should look to address their scoring with a potential starter at shooting guard.

I’m sure the Cavs will expend a top-five pick on the most appropriate player, but that might actually end up being Duke superstar R.J. Barrett. Cleveland can also opt for fellow Blue Devil Cameron Reddish here, or if they slide somewhat, scorers like KZ Okpala or Jarrett Culver wouldn’t be terrible succour prizes.

Dallas Mavericks- Center

The Mavs are expected to re-sign Kristaps Porzingis to a ogre contract extension this summer, pairing him with rookie sensation Luka Doncic. That’s quite the duo, but Dallas still needs to keep adding talent to their roster.

I’d argue pretty much every stance is available to debate, especially since we don’t know yet how the Mavs plan on using Zinger. My guess is he’ll be their power forward, and with Doncic running the offense, Dallas should be in the market for another big man and some perimeter scoring.

Point guard is a big problem given the expiring contracts and traumata, but Luka basically initiates all of their offense. What they need is a centre after trading away DJ, preferably one that can shoot.

Thanks to their deal to get Doncic in last year’s draft, it’s unlikely Dallas will find themselves in the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft. The good news is there is some solid value that should leak into round two, and one big human that could look appealing is Sagaba Konate.

Konate blocks shootings at an upper-class rate( 2.8 per game this year) and can score down low. The sizing isn’t where you want it to be, but Konate can clean the glass, block shots, and even connected on 39% of his long balls this past season.

Other big humen Dallas could look at in round two include Brandon Clarke and Udoka Azubuike, but I love Konate’s skill-set.

Denver Nuggets- Phase Guard

The Nuggets have a potential championship challenger in place right now and won’t be losing much of it in free agency this summer. The one issue that could pop up, however, is their point guard depth with Isaiah Thomas almost certainly trying more fund out on the open market.

Jamal Murray is a fine young phase guard, but the Nuggets won’t have a whole lot behind him. Taking a stab at a young lead guard like Tre Jones — presuming he drops to them in round two — would be nice.

I personally suppose Tre Jones is a first-round draft pick, so Denver may have to look elsewhere for their point guard help. Fortunately, there are other fringe first-round phase guards to consider, as Carsen Edwards, Markus Howard, and Ty Jerome are all arguable round-one prospects that could slide.

If so, the Nuggets could beef up a squad need with an upper-class value.

Detroit Pistons- Shooting Guard

The Pistons are tied up financially with several big contracts, yet they still haven’t figured things out on the wing. Luke Kennard could still prove to be the answer at shooting guard by the time the year ends, but to this point, that hasn’t been remotely the case.

If Kennard turns out to be a bust, the Pistons may opt to just start over again on the wing. That could leak into the small forward posture, too, but with Detroit hurting on the perimeter( 28 th in outside shooting ), they should look to upgrade with a shooter who can do it all.

Presently slotted with a top-ten pick, the Pistons could be looking at several intriguing prospects, including talented shooters like Keldon Johnson and Nickeil Alexander-Walker.

Both of these kids can stroke it from deep( over 40% from long range) and profile as potential starrings at the next level. Adding one of them could get Detroit that elusive stud at shooting guard and improve their bench depth by pushing Kennard back to the second unit, where he arguably belongs.

Golden State Warriors- Small Forward

It’s pretty crazy how this dynasty risk losing Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and DeMarcus Cousins all at once this summer. Boogie is likely gone, and KD is rumored to be on the move, but Klay feels like a lock to stay.

Of the three positions, small forward abruptly becomes the major problem area.

I am sure Golden State will address Durant’s departure with a big move of their own, but that shouldn’t stop them from also bringing in some assist via the 2019 NBA Draft.

Obviously, the main issue for the Dubs is that they’re so good each year that they don’t get a high draft pick. That doesn’t mean they can’t acquire a solid prospect at the end of the first round, of course.

Specifically looking at small forward, the Dubs could go get guys like Kevin Porter or Kris Wilkes. I love them both, but the main problem is guaranteeing either actually slide this far. Due to a lack of high-level production at the NCAA level, the Warriors can hope Porter does.

Houston Rockets- Shooting Guard

James Harden is playing out of his mind these days, but if he can’t push the Rockets over the top, they’ll have some decisions to make this summer. For now, Houston should just aim to accrue shooters that fit their system.

I personally feel like Eric Gordon might work best as a permanent fixture of Houston’s second division. If the Rockets can bring in someone that can reached the three and defend, sliding Gordon back to a 6th man role is a realistic option.

The beauty here is that the Rocket don’t necessarily need to hunt for that in free agency or via trades. With the projected 21 st picking in the 2019 NBA Draft, Houston truly could nab a viable starter who can fill that role at worst and become a starring at best.

At that point in the draft, guys like Coby White and Kevin Porter are in the conversation.

White actually may be the preference here, simply because he can play two guard spots and could also initiate offense. Either route, Houston is in good position to add an impact player and maintain house for the future while competing for a championship at the same time.

Indiana Pacers- Phase Guard

The Pacers can’t fully trust that Victor Oladipo will ever be the same again, but he’s under contract and still only 26. The smart move would be to bank on him returning and make sure they don’t lose too much elsewhere.

Indy is at risk of losing a ton of depth, as Thaddeus Young, Bojan Bogdanovic, Tyreke Evans, and Wesley Matthews could all leave this summer. All of these players are important, but Indy might take this opportunity to upgrade over Collison anyways.

It’s worth know … … if they can do that in this year’s draft, but thanks to the trauma to Dipo, their odds of improving on their current draft posture( 26 th) are pretty good.

If they stick in that scope, point guards like Carsen Edwards and Shamorie Ponds could be worth a reach, while a prospect like Darius Garland isn’t completely unrealistic if they can close in on the 15 th spot.

Los Angeles Clippers- Center

The Clippers were hurting severely at centre with the loss of big human DeAndre Jordan, but it’s worth noting they did add talented young prospect Ivica Zubac via trade with the Lakers.

I simply don’t know if the Clips can afford to stop there. Zubac is talented and has nice upside, but he is a limited free agent this summer. The squad could also lose JaMychal Green in free bureau, and they just have very little else to get excited about.

Montrezl Harrell is definitely a guy they can hang their hat on, but he’s best suited at the four or off the bench. That would get me looking at the five spot if I’m the Clippers.

The bad news is LA isn’t picking inside the first round as I write this, so they may have to hope person great falls, or they’ll take a shot at person with some upside. I mentioned Sagaba Konate earlier, and he could make sense here, while I wouldn’t rule out a toe-dip in the overseas waters.

Los Angeles Lakers- Shooting Guard

The Lakers are another team that may choosing to just deal their 2019 NBA Draft pickings in an effort to accrue veterans that can help turn them into a title challenger. Should they actually take person, though, I have to think they’ll be looking to add shooting.

LA literally acquired Reggie Bullock and Mike Muscala for this very reason, as the Lakers inexplicably surrounded LeBron James with non-shooters and came away shocked they ranked 26 th in outside shooting.

Any number of the Lake Show’s young core could be moved in a trade this summer, and everyone knows they need shooting on this squad. The aforementioned Bullock and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could both exit via free bureau, too, so the Lakers might as well use their draft pickings on beefing up their outside shooting.

Right now, they hold the 13 th pick in its consideration of the draft, which could get them someone as interesting as Romeo Langford or DeAndre Hunter. I doubt they maintain a picking that high, but the obvious goal is to add more shooting by any means necessary.

Memphis Grizzlies- Center

The Grizz are starting from scratch in a lot of places, and that are able to be the case at center. Marc Gasol is now with the Raptors, Jonas Valanciunas could leave this summer, and Ivan Rabb isn’t a lock as the long-term answer.

There’s also Joakim Noah, but let’s be real. Memphis needs to add another body to compete down low, and taking into consideration the fact that they’re cemented into a top-ten pick or better, they won’t want for options.

Memphis could be in a “best player available” zone, but I think Bruno Fernando makes a lot of sense for them. The ceiling can’t even be seen with Fernando, who can bang down low and truly do it all. The Grizzlies can also look at Bol Bol or Charles Bassey if their picking slides a bit.

Miami Heat- Phase Guard

The Heat traded Tyler Johnson out of township, and the aging( and often injured) Goran Dragic can exit this summer via a player alternative if he so selects. Unless the Heat love Justise Winslow running their offense, they might want to go get some fresh legs at the lead guard spot.

Fortunately, there are several guards to fall in love with in this draft — simply not necessarily in Miami’s current draft range. Prospects like Coby White and Darius Garland could move the needle, but the former might be a mild reach at this point, and Garland falling out of the lottery “re a long way from” a lock.

Miami will have to decide who they covet, but they can’t just move on from Dragic without a backup plan.

Milwaukee Bucks- Center

The Bucks could lose four key players in free bureau, but they have very little beyond Brook Lopez at center. The team even dealt both John Henson and Thon Maker out of town in trades this year, so the depth down low needs some serious work.

If Lopez jets, they need to get an effective big human to groom as their long-term option. They could always entice a quick fix into township in free bureau, but Milwaukee going after a tantalize prospect also builds good sense.

Picking dead last in round one at the moment, the Bucks could be candidates for Missouri’s Jontay Porter if he slides, while LSU’s Naz Reid could also be in play.

Minnesota Timberwolves- Phase Guard

The Timberwolves will probably have to start rebuilding the result guard stance this summer.

Derrick Rose is going to look to get paid as a free agent, Jeff Teague will enter the final year of his deal, and even Tyus Jones is a limited free agent.

Suffice it to say, a position of arguable strength could fall apart in a hurry.

Minnesota will be losing bodies, and even if some stay , nobody actually screams “franchise point guard.” That should lead Minnesota to eye a possible starter, and with the 11 th pick, they should be able to snag a solid prospect.

This isn’t a rich draft class for point guards inside the gamble, so Minnesota will either have to reach or settle up its own position in free agency. My guess is they roll with the latter strategy, but someone like Darius Garland could be good enough to cause them to pull the trigger.

New Orleans Pelicans- Small Forward

It’s no secret that Anthony Davis is not long for New Orleans, and all signs point to the big man being dealt this summer. Whether it’s to the Lakers or the Boston Celtics, of course, is anyone’s guess.

What we do know is losing a player that talented generates a massive hole. Depending on what the Pelicans get back in return, they may be forced to look for some assist at center, and nabbing a young body that can serve as a potential long-term answer may not be a bad idea.

Jahlil Okafor should hang around to assist fill the hole next season, though, which could allow for the Pels to simply nab the best overall talent. Picking inside the top-ten, New Orleans will have a fissure at an elite prospect, and I suppose Keldon Johnson could fit perfectly into what they do.

Assuming the Pels hang onto guys like Jrue Holiday and Julius Randle, Johnson could slide into the starting five and give them a guy who can instantaneously stretch the defense and score. It won’t make up for the loss of The Brow right away, but it’d be a step in the right direction.

New York Knicks- Power Forward

The Knicks don’t have much talent on their roster right now. That has to be by design, which has me guessing they’re going to be leading player in free bureau this year.

Either way, they’re shaping up as the best bet to land the# 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. That has them locked onto Zion Williamson, which is perfect since power forward looks like their more pressing need.

Not only did the Knicks trade away Kristaps Porzingis, but they also cut Enes Kanter and could see DeAndre Jordan walk in free bureau. If they truly do land the top picking, they probably can’t pass on Zion — nor should they.

Oklahoma City Thunder- Shooting Guard

The Thunder have two absolute studs in Russell Westbrook and Paul George. They even have a fantastic centre and a solid bench spark in Dennis Schroder. They merely don’t have much else.

OKC is a strong squad that has bright days ahead of them, they can stimulate the proper adjustments. They probably can’t get where they need to go with Terrance Ferguson as their main shooting guard, though.

To make matters worse, the team can’t know if Andre Roberson( knee) will ever be the same guy again. Raymond Felton is also going to made free bureau this summer, and the team already cut ties with sharpshooter Alex Abrines( personal ).

Needless to say, the Thunder could use some extra shooting and an overall upgrade in their begin five. That’s easier said than done when they’re slated to pick at 25 th overall, but wing players like Kevin Porter, Kris Wilkes, and Jaylen Nowell could be interesting.

Is the 25 th place too much of a reach for Nowell? Perhaps, but he is a lights-out shooter( 45% from three) and would dedicate OKC a fun combo guard to work with.

Orlando Magic- Small Forward

The Magic swung a big trade before this year’s deadline, acquiring 76 ers draft bust Markelle Fultz. In theory, that devoted them a combo guard to develop and perhaps even their long-term answer at phase guard.

That should change the focus to the wing, where Terrence Ross is a very real threat to leave via free agency. The team also traded Jonathon Simmons away in that Fultz deal, so bringing in a future starter or solid depth has to be a mission of Orlando’s.

Picking out of the 8th slot, the Magic should have their pick of the litter, with quality perimeter-oriented scorers like Jarrett Culver, Romeo Langford, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, Keldon Johnson, and KZ Okpala all looking very appealing.

Should Fultz prove to finally give them written answers at phase guard, Orlando has an opportunity to instantaneously build out a very talented squad. They just need to get that pick right.

Philadelphia 76 ers- Small Forward

The Sixers are stacked in their starting lineup right now, but they could be in difficulty this summer if guys like Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris, J.J. Redick and Furkan Korkmaz all head out of town.

I’m sure Philly will hold onto at least two of those guys, but considering they already lack elite depth, bringing in more help on the wing might be a worthwhile strategy.

The 76 ers don’t have the luxury of picking very high in the 2019 NBA Draft, but they could actually nab a steal in Kevin Porter or Kris Wilkes later in round one. If they wait for this position until the second round, I love the idea of Eric Paschall.

The Villanova product may have the versatility to switch at both forward spots but is also connecting on 37% of his outside shots.

Phoenix Suns- Point Guard

The Suns are so bad that almost any prospect with a pulse should help them. However, they appear to have at least three positions locked up with superstar talent and in general have a logjam at the forward positions.

Point guard seems to be the only glaring hole for this Phoenix squad, and that may be even more the suit with Jamal Crawford and Troy Daniels about to hit free agency.

Seemingly locked into the# 2 pick, the Suns are a very good bet to go after their main need and take Murray State’s Ja Morant. Morant has proven to be an impressive scorer but is also the top pure point guard in the 2019 NBA Draft class.

The Suns could also just take the best overall player, but Morant is up there and gets them a legit franchise phase guard. He’s the picking to stimulate, presuming they don’t have a chance at landing Zion Williamson first.

Portland Trail Blazers- Small Forward

The main issue in Portland for years has been small forward. For the most part, they seem set at center and the two guard spots. Al-Farouq Aminu is a free agent and could add a require at power forward, however.

While true, Portland does have some other bigs like Zach Collins they can turn to. However, they’ve never detected a superstar small forward they can consistently rely on, and nabbing one in this draft has to be high on their list of priorities.

The Blazer are slated to own the 22 nd overall pick at this point, and that’d give them a crack at someone like Kris Wilkes or Kevin Porter.

Auburn’s Chuma Okeke is another name to watch. With a strong March Madness run, he could find himself in that late-round-one conversation.

Sacramento Kings- Center

The Kings are another team that has done a good job filling holes on their roster, and they could be ready to fight for a playoff place, either this year or next. One problem has been their interior defense, however, so if this squad isn’t fully into Willie Cauley-Stein, they may want to make a move this summer.

Trill is a quality center, but he fights defensively and doesn’t offer much scope offensively. Seeking another big body to compete with WCS makes sense, especially since Sacramento will lose Kostas Koufos in free agency and honestly could even component ways with Trill( RFA ).

Spending a round-two pick on another big man could be one style to run. Gonzaga’s Brandon Clarke is one alternative in the second round, while Austin Wiley could also be hanging around when the Kings pick around the 38 th spot.

San Antonio Spurs- Point Guard

When I looked at what the Spurs could do in my first 2019 NBA mock draft, I immediately tied them to a high-upside overseas talent. That could still be the logical direction they head in, but I can’t overlook that their biggest need is actually at the lead guard spot.

Don’t get me wrong. Derrick White has been pretty good, and the team may still be in love with Dejounte Murray as their own future. However, White isn’t quite a star, and Murray wasn’t exactly the most consistent musician even before his knee injury.

Given both situations, San Antonio could opt to play it safe and attack the phase guard position. They probably will be picking around the 20 th spot, but a defensive-minded, pass-first phase guard like Duke’s Tre Jones could fit their system perfectly.

You could argue Tre Jones is the reason Duke will win it all this year, and if he does, he’d elevate his draft stock enough to get himself on San Antonio’s radar. Heck, they might be looking at him already, anyways.

Toronto Raptors- Shooting Guard

So many teams could experience a ton of change this summer, and the Raptors are certainly no different. Patently, Kawhi Leonard could opt to jumping ship, but the Raptors could also lose a slew of shooting guards.

Starting two-way guard Danny Green could flee in free agency, while fellow guards Patrick McCaw and Jeremy Lin could both jet as well.

Whatever Toronto does, bringing in some guard assist sounds like something that needs to be part of their offseason strategy.

The problem for Toronto is that their pick will have to wait, as they don’t own a first rounder right now and are slated to have one of the last selections of the entire 2019 NBA Draft.

Likely operating out of the 58 th spot, I do still think there is some value to be had.

France’s Abdoulaye N’Doye is one overseas prospect that could promptly heat up, while more fringe prospects like Michigan’s Charles Matthews or Cornell’s Matt Morgan could attract Toronto’s eye.

Utah Jazz- Shooting Guard

The Jazz lack superstar talent, but they genuinely don’t have many glaring pits. Ricky Rubio is slated to hit free agency, however, which is going to leave a hole at either guard spot if Utah doesn’t retain him.

Utah’s clear interest in keeping the ball in Donovan Mitchell’s hands could be used Rubio to walk, and in turn, that’d open up a need at the two place. Either route, the Jazz are going to need to bring someone in, and at this point, I think it’s easier to just go find a scorer.

Maybe that’s a guy they already have in Grayson Allen, but after losing so many viable scorers over the past two years, loading up with another able body isn’t precisely a bad move.

Utah should be picking around the 20 th spot, where a versatile combo guard like North Carolina’s Coby White could be perfect. The absence of a true stance might not matter here, as White can fill in at the point or lean on his shooting( 38% from three) to slide in at the two spot.

I’ll let the Jazz figure the rest out. However, landing person like White devotes them a solid facilitator and scorer that can be used in a number of ways and should give their offense a boost.

Washington Wizards- Point Guard

Lastly, you have the Wiz, who are in a transitional state with an injured John Wall( Achilles) on the shelf for all of next season already. Washington has also already begun tearing their roster apart, so it remains to be seen if they’ll genuinely lose it and trade Bradley Beal out of town.

Whatever the occurrence, the Wizards only need to acquire talent, and considering they have so many guys potentially leaving( ten total free agent ), they just need to bring guys in.

I’d guess phase guard has to be top priority, though. Wall is on the shelf for next season, and there’s no guarantee Tomas Satoransky( RFA) returns. Regardless, Washington looks like a lock to pick inside the top ten, and they can’t garbage this picking by reaching for a positional need.

Unless Ja Morant slides to them, the Wiz have enough pits elsewhere to just take the best overall talent. For now, that figures to be either Keldon Johnson or Jarrett Culver.


There is a lot to consider for every single team, and once you start factoring in potential NBA free bureau moves, things get weird.

Anthony Davis should be traded this summer, and depending on where he goes, he’ll massively shake the entire free bureau and draft landscape. Massive domino like Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, and so many others could affect how teams scheme and react throughout the process.

Team requires remain problematic until they are addressed in some manner, though. How a team will operate in the 2019 NBA Draft shouldn’t always wholly reflect their needs, but no franchise should dismiss them wholly, either.

For NBA Draft wager, all you can do is assess each team’s situation, track the movement, and try to gauge which big splashes teams are set up to induce. That’s going to include a lot of buzz, but with posts like this, rankings, taunt drafts, and rumors, we all will slowly start to get a comprehend on what teams want to do come this summer.

Good luck sorting through the madness, and happy bet!

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