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Cat Snuggles Rescuer When She Realizes Her Kittens are Safe, After She’s Lived Her Life on the Streets


A cat purred up a blizzard when she realized her little feline household was eventually in a safe home.

Holly @pawsofoz

A woman from Arkansas has been caring for a colony of the feral and stray cats with help from local animal rescuers to get the kitties spayed and neutered, but some have slipped through the cracks.

One of them, named Charlotte, was bear in the colony and had been elusive and avoided being trapped. But with a lot of patience and love, she eventually warmed up to her custodian.

They discovered that she was pregnant, and eight days ago, she devoted birth to three little kittens on a bed of fodder inside a plastic bathtub made as a shelter for feral/ stray cats.

Holly @pawsofoz

The caretaker immediately contacted Mew Cat Rescue, a small rescue group in Bentonville, Arkansas, for help. Holly, a promote volunteer, rushed to pick them up.

“Charlotte was unsure about my motives the day I arrived to take her home with me. “Shes not” happy that I set her newborns inside the carrier, ” Holly told Love Meow.

Holly @pawsofoz

Mama Charlotte wouldn’t let Holly touch her and would growl and try to intimidate. Thankfully, the caretaker was able to scoop her up and place her in the carrier with her kittens. The little feline household left their street life behind for good that day.

Charlotte continued to stay guarded when she arrived at her foster home, but things began to change.

Holly @pawsofoz

“At first, she growled and stared me down so intensely, then I realized it was all simply ‘bark’. Once she settled in and realized I was safe, she quickly hogged all my affection, ” Holly told Love Meow.

“She’s a total mush and only wants love.”

Holly @pawsofoz

Within a day, Charlotte went from being scared to completely relaxed, purring up a cyclone and eager to be loved. “This gorgeous young momma is a professional muffin maker! “

Watch Charlotte and her kittens in this cute video 😛 TAGEND

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