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The Best RVs of 2019 Revealed at RVX


I felt like a kid in a candy store running up and down aisles lined with every shape and size of RV you can imagine. Big ones, small ones, red ones, blue ones. There were RVs that seemed exactly like how I pictured them to be, and others that was like they were created for astronauts.

The Best RVs of 2019 Revealed at RVX

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The Best RVs of 2019 Revealed at RVX

Last week, we had a chance to attend RVX: The RV Experience with Go RVing’s Kickoff to Camping Season. As a trade-only event, we got an exclusive look into the RV industry and all the exciting innovations that are happening. If you merely started following us recently, we lived in an Airstream for three months. I still vividly remember the first time I got behind the wheel. It was equally exciting and intimidating, but after a few moments on the road, the exhilaration surmount all my other feelings. There were definitely new facets to living on the road that we had to learn, but it was a lot easier than we thought it would be and we absolutely loved how free it felt to go and live anywhere.

The Best RVs of 2019 Revealed at RVX

Since leaving our Airstream, we still talk about getting back into an RV. We recently bought a car( we’ll be sharing more about that in a future post ), and one of our must-haves was the ability to tow at least 5,000 lbs. Our current scheme is to eventually get an RV that we can live on the road with 2-3 months at a time out of the year. Being at RVX reignited the excitement about that.

Even though we’re pretty very well known the RV world, there were still so many types of RVs we had never seen. There really is something for every budget and lifestyle. Want to go all out with a terrace, garage, spacious bathroom, reclining chairs, and washer/ dryer? You’ll find plenty of luxury alternatives. Prefer something eco-friendly and sustainable? They have an all-electric RV. Looking for something that’s easy to get out in since you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors? Plus, there’s everything in between.

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Airstream Nest

We prefer a mix of luxury and convenience, and of course something photogenic. The huge RVs are luxurious. The sum of consolation and amenities that they have always wow us. We expended a lot of time during the show just sitting and hanging out inside these RVs. We still want the luxury of an RV, but in something more compact so we can move easily. We also really like the trailer set up so we can leave our home and still take our automobile out for micro adventures in the area.

KOA Campground of the Future

The Best RVs of 2019 Revealed at RVX

The Reveal

One of the most exciting moments at the conference was The Reveal, where they highlighted the industry’s best new products. They had nine different categories and a panel of consumer media and social media experts selected their faves. It genuinely shows you how wide of a selection there is within the RV world.

The Best RVs of 2019 Revealed at RVX

The Best RV for the Outdoor Adventurer

Category Spotlight: SylvanSport VAST

The VAST from SylvanSport is designed for adventure travelers and campers who are trying to bring all their playthings of the trade, without sacrificing convenience. It features breakthrough simplicity for gear carrying, two “true” queen- sized beds, a patented indoor/ outdoor kitchen and a full bath with shower.

Judge’s Choices: Airstream Basecamp, Forest River No Boundaries, Taxa Tiger Moth, Taxa Cricket, Lance 855 Rule Maker

Best RVs for Household

Category Spotlight: Jayco Eagle HT 264 BHOK

Jayco’s new bunkhouse unit sleeps 6 comfortably and features convertible furniture and pass-through exterior storage. Customizable upgrades include a hearth and more residential-type woodwork, cloths, illuminating and fixtures, an outside kitchen, hybrid grill and rear shipment door with flip up bunk for easy motorcycle or kayak storage.

Judge’s Choices: Forest River Vengeance 385 FK Touring Edition, Forest River Sabre Fifth Wheel, Forest River R-Pod, Winnebago Outlook, Coachmen Catalina 39 RLT

For the Van Lifer

Category Spotlight: ModVans CV1 Camper Van

A cargo van positioned to become the everyday minivan, pickup truck or SUV, replacing the need to own a separate vehicle for work, life or play. The CV1 features removable, modular components that adjust the layout. Based on a Ford Transit chassis, the CV1 is affordable, easy to drive and serviceable by any Ford dealer.

Judge’s Choices: Winnebago Revel, Winnebago Travato Pure 3, Leisure Vans 2019 Wonder Rear Twin Bed, Coachmen Galleria 24

For the The City Escape

Category Spotlight: Leisure Travel’s 2020 Unity Rear Lounge

The 2020 Unity Rear Lounge represents a decade of product improvements, defining the stage for a new era of Unity’s. Built on the all-new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis, the Unity features a spacious “rear lounge” with residential-like sectional sofa and the first RV to feature the all-new Domestic IoT “Smart RV” system.

Judge’s Choices: Airstream Interstate Nineteen, Forest River Flagstaff Hard Side SE Camping Trailer, Venture Sonic, Winnebago Boldt

For the Destination Camper

Category Spotlight: Forest River- Riverstone Luxury 39 RBFL

An RV geared towards the luxury/ widened client featuring separated garages to 1 and 1/2 bath theories. The redesigned front cap athletics a large windshield, tri-sofa front live, rear bathroom with dual vanity sink, half bath off the kitchen with a washer dryer and still has room for a king bed.

Judge’s Choices: KZ-RV Durango, Winnebago Horizon, Forest River Cedar Creek Cottage, Forest River Wildwood Grand Lodge 42 DL

For Sustainability

Category Spotlight: Winnebago All Electric/ Zero Emission

A Class A RV in either 33 ’ or 38 ’ durations and utilizes Motiv Power Systems’ Ford F5 3 based EPIC all-electric chassis. Not yet designed for general consumer use, the vehicle is best suited for short-range commercial applications like bloodmobiles, clinics, classrooms and outreach vehicles. The vehicle houses either six or eight batteries and delivers an expected range of 85 to 125 miles on a full charge.

Judge’s Choices: Taxa 2019 Mantis, Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro, Attitude F3 5GSG by Eclipse, Forest River Work and Play

For Luxury Living

Category Spotlight: Newmar 2020 Super Star

The 2020 Super Star will debut at the inaugural RVX event in March. This product is a luxury Super C class product with several innovations not offered in the market today.

Judge’s Choices: Stratus SR2 61 VRK by Venture, Entegra Coach Cornerstone, Crossroads Redwood RV, Forest River Cardinal

Luxury RV Manufacturers

Luxury RV Interior

Newmar Best Luxury RV

Team Tailgate

Category Spotlight: Heartland’s Cyclone Ultimate Tailgate RV

Featuring the first ever side patio that sets up with the touch of a button, featuring an outside bar, built in kegerator and multiple TVs. The interior hosts multiple 55 ” TVs, a sound system with 8 subwoofers and 18 amplified speakers. The’ garage’ holds a portable hot tub that can be moved outdoors. Outside, the full-body paint job is complemented by matching underground lighting system.

Judge’s Choices: Coachmen Sportscoach 366 BH, Venture RV’s Sport Trek Touring, KZ-RV Venom V Series, Lance 1975 Ultra Light Travel Trailer

On the Horizon

Category Spotlight: Airstream Classic Smart RV

The Airstream Classic Smart RV with all-new Smart Control Technology, you can control and monitor your RV’s most important features and amenities from anywhere — and remain connected to the comforts of home, even when you’re far from it. That means a more comfy camping experience every time, everywhere.

Judge’s Choices: Keystone Fuzion 427 FW w/ Onboarding Weighting system, Keystone Raptor 356 w/ pneumatic suspension, Winnebago All Electric Zero Emission, Winnebago Micro Mini Fifth Wheel 2405 RG

RVX Reveal 2019 - RV Show in Salt Lake City // Local Advdenturer

We can’t wait to get an RV for ourselves. After leaving RVX, we’ve been looking up different RVs to see what would be best for us. In the meantime, we may need to do an RV trip soon. If you’re now as aroused as we are to get into an RV, you can find the nearest dealership or rental company to you!

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Have you tried RVing or staying in an RV? What would you look for in an RV?












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The Best RVs of 2019 Revealed at RVX

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